Prospects and Realities for North Africa’s Downstream Development – MP

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“Turning Africa or East Africa into a strong export market actually might be difficult, but we do see a lot of potential here for covering the rise in domestic demands by increasing refining capacities and thereby domestic or regional product supply”
 Geoff Porter, President, North Africa Risk Consulting

The North Africa region, after years of focus on upstream opportunities is now turning their attention to maximising the value chains of their products and expanding their downstream activities.

Over recent year’s while regional governments emphasised the necessity to invest and expand the refinery and petrochemical sector, today they are not only focusing on upgrading existing plants but also on building new ones to better capture the more sophisticated economic opportunities that exist.

Furthermore, in the face of such rapid global change, refiners need to reexamine what really creates value in their industry to ensure they capture the most value from their asset portfolios In order to increase capacity, become less reliant on imports and more develop a more sustainable domestic market, countries across the region are investing downstream, especially Algeria and Egypt.

This report collates insights from experts within in the region’s oil and gas industry to enable you to assess the risk vs. reward potential of investing in North Africa’s downstream industry.